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Why XM2 Feminine Wash

Natural Plant-Based

Every woman’s most intimate area deserves the most delicate treatment. XM2 contains several plant-based active compounds such as wood vinegar that act as natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient. This can prevent overgrowth of bacterial flora at the external vagina area, as well as inactivate common bacteria and fungus that cause foul-smelling odour and vagina infections.

  • Infused with natural plant-based wood vinegar
  • pH-balanced
  • Gently cleanses and freshens
  • Removes odour causing bacteria
  • Safe for everyday use

Note: Wood vinegar (WV) or pyroligneous acid is a by-product from charcoal making process. This thick dark brown natural liquid consists of more than 200 water soluble compounds.

Laboratory Tested

XM2 has undergone few laboratory tests in The University of Malaya. We ensure that our products are tested safe for daily use. Some of the test proved are Cytotoxicity test and Antimicrobial screening test.

Trusted By Consumers

The formulated with plant-based active compounds and ingredients in XM2 Feminine Wash that help to control vaginal pH and reduce itchiness at the intimate area has been receiving good feedback from women everywhere. As we gather customer feedback from time to time, our satisfied customers assure that the itchiness and foul-smelling odour at the most intimate part have been reduced.

Registered Intellectual Property (IP) in Various Countries

  • China, Malaysia, Singpore, and Indonesia
  • Copyright - 16
  • Patent – 2
  • Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) - 1

XM2 SGS Test Report

XM2 is one of the key sponsors for MICCI 2019 Members’ Night & MICCI 17th Annual Golf Tournament.