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Diamond Star Group has always been focusing on improving the quality of life besides further refining consumers' fondness over an exceptional lifestyle. All the products that produce by us undergo stringent Research and Development process in order to produce the top-notch front-lining new products.

Our team is spearheaded by a pool of experts, gathering a team of professional talents raised from the global finance and academic research background. Prior to starting the company, Diamond Star Group analyse the market trend with the aim to understand the consumer's needs better.

We keep developing and innovating, offering excellent products that improve the quality of our consumer’s life. To this, optimizing the formula and processing the products require knowledge and skilful technique from our research team. With the quality ingredients and stringent process, our products have been receiving good reviews in the market. In a short period of time, Diamond Star Group reach the global stage with the greater opportunity to grow bigger.

Brand Philosophy & Belief

Thriving with a resilient forte to oversee Asian market, Diamond Star Biotechnology Sdn. Bhd. endorsed the corporate philosophy of its mother company namely Diamond Star Global Sdn Bhd.

Our common purpose is “Enhance Taste of Living While Improving Lifestyle Quality”. We are a company of mastering consumer’s preference besides further refining consumers’ fondness over an exceptional lifestyle.

We live by our values and dedicated to bringing them to life every day. Focus goes to answer to our consumers’ needs by producing top-notch front-lining new products that speak on their own, thus it can captivate the client’s confidence and loyalty.

Milestone & History

Invited by AFOB (Asian Federal of Biotechnology) 2018 in South Korea
  • Gather scientists from worldwide such as China, Malaysia, Korea, The United States of America (USA), Taiwan and etc.

Future Plans

  • Joining conferences in various countries – Canada, Japan, Europe, USA, UK, Taiwan, China, Germany, Australia and other countries.
  • Apply and register more Intellectual Property(IP).
  • Planning to register Bio Nexus status.

Top Management Team

Dato’ Loh Shin Siong
Dato’ Loh Shin Siong
Founder & President
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Mr. Chuah Chong Kwik
Mr. Chuah Chong Kwik
Founder & Vice President
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Ms. Christina Tee Kim Chin
Ms. Christina Tee Kim Chin
Co-Founder & CEO
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Dato’ Chang Chor Chong
Dato’ Chang Chor Chong
Co-Founder & Director
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Dr. Teo Chee Loong
Dr. Teo Chee Loong
Co-Founder & Director of R&D Team
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Management Team

Lim Chun Siong
General Manager
Vincent Teo Wen Ching
Director (Business Development)
Derrick Koo Kim Yong
Creative Designer
Loh Voon Ee
Regional Manager
Edison Tang Kian Khim
Improve the quality and provide the most carefree everyday life for our consumers.
Constantly producing high-value proprietary products while meeting everyone's needs.